Four Creative Corridor Startups Win Demonstration Funds

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board recently awarded funds to four local startups through the State’s Demonstration Fund—intended to help early stage companies create high-technology prototypes and to do concept development. Awardees included:

Four Startups Win Demonstration Funds

Four Startups Win Demonstration Funds

Kamath Biosciences/Cardiostrong, a Coralville based startup company, who has created a new fitness beverage called Cardiostrong—a scientifically formulated health and wellness drink that possesses beneficial nutritional components.

KemPharm, a North Liberty-based, development stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development of new and safer therapies for the treatment of acute pain, chronic pain, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other central nervous system disorders.

TelePharm is a turnkey telepharmacy solution company based in Iowa City. The company provides a service that reduces labor costs, human errors and workflow inefficiencies by enabling a remote pharmacist to inspect and verify prescriptions at each telepharmacy to ensure accurate dispensing by onsite technicians.

Higher Learning Technologies, based in Coralville and launched last year by University of Iowa dental and nursing students, was first created to help dental students prepare for their state licensing tests. The team has since developed a series of smart phone apps that replace paper study guides and flash cards for other major academic tests and certifications. The company currently has three apps in the Top 50 Educational Apps in the iTunes App Store!

FxRedux Solutions, an Iowa City-based technology company that has commercialized technology developed at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University, to assist orthopedic surgeons in pre-operative planning for articular fracture (shattered bones around a joint) surgery. The company has created a 3D puzzle-solving software that helps surgeons visualize how to reconstruct the fracture before they make a single incision.

Read more about the awards in the media release from The Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Congratulations to all the companies involved! Trust your crazy ideas!

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