NewBoCo Expands Iowa Startup Accelerator Program, Creates Programs for Idea-Stage Entrepreneurs

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, January 12, 2017 – NewBoCo is proud to announce the creation of programs for idea-stage entrepreneurs to provide year-round startup acceleration support and the expansion of its flagship program, Iowa Startup Accelerator.

NewBoCo’s new resources for tech talent, including the rapid prototyping and virtual reality labs, DeltaV Code School, and ISA’s diverse and experienced mentor network make it possible to accelerate world-changing technology startups like never before. These resources help Iowa entrepreneurs build real products that people want to buy, gain the skills to scale a successful business, and find the talent needed to grow that business in Iowa.

“Our team has been working for the past year to dramatically expand our resources available to Iowa’s entrepreneurs – growing our staff, our facilities, our mentor network, and more – and this gave us the opportunity to realign and expand our entrepreneurial programs,” NewBoCo Executive Director Eric Engelmann said.

First, NewBoCo has added three new programs for very early, idea-stage entrepreneurs looking to figure out if their concept is a viable potential business. These programs include:

  • A six-week startup bootcamp (offered twice a year), a program that offers facilitated learning and requires entrepreneurs to take action and execute on a plan;
  • Prototyping services: NewBoCo’s software development and hardware engineering teams can, at a heavily discounted price, help entrepreneurs build the first versions of their product and get feedback from prospective customers;
  • Topic-specific educational programs, offered regularly in Cedar Rapids and in other communities around Iowa and are (usually) open to the public.

“We’re building programs to support entrepreneurs from the earliest ideas through producing and selling their products and growing their businesses,” Accelerator Managing Director David Tominsky said. “We want to make sure Iowa’s entrepreneurs are supported at every step of their journey.”

Secondly, the ISA program is expanding to be more rigorous but also more flexible than before. ISA is now a 12-month commitment for accepted entrepreneurs to work with ISA staff and mentors to build their businesses. Mandatory programming is condensed to Fridays to provide more flexibility for founders as they grow their businesses.

Also, there are three times each year that entrepreneurs can join the program instead of just one: Spring, Summer, and Fall batches. Each batch includes a full week orientation program. All accepted teams will be able to pitch at Launch Day on December 7, 2017, regardless of when they were accepted. ISA plans to invest in at least 10 companies and deploy up to $500,000 in capital in 2017.

“Increasing the flexibility of ISA and making it a more rigorous, full year program will allow us to work with a much wider variety of entrepreneurs while still producing high quality companies based in Iowa. Growing a sustainable company takes longer than 90 days, and we’re ready to work with our portfolio companies throughout the entire process,” Accelerator Program Manager Molly Monk said.

ISA is now accepting applications for the Spring intake day, March 20th.

Learn more about NewBoCo’s expanded programs at:

About Iowa Startup Accelerator
Iowa Startup Accelerator is an intensive program that matches tech-based startups with world-class mentors, Midwestern work ethic, seed funding, and product development expertise to accelerate their business to a successful exit. Iowa Startup Accelerator is powered by NewBoCo, a 501(c)(3) organization.

About NewBoCo
The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NewBoCo) is a nonprofit with the mission to accelerate world-changing ideas, from Iowa. The organization aims to create impactful startup businesses that grow here through its Iowa Startup Accelerator program and more; to foster world-class technical and creative talent via innovative educational programs for kids and adults; to assist thriving, innovative companies in developing new products and attracting the best talent through corporate innovation programs; and to make an outstanding social impact and make the world a better place. Since 2014, the program has grown dramatically, helping hundreds of startups get off the ground and grow and thousands of children learn to code.

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