Alisabeth Von Presley

Getting Creative Series: Alisabeth Von Presley

Our guest is one of those rare people who only needs to be referred to by one name. Like Milley, like Madonna, like Gaga, in the Creative Corridor, when you say Alisabeth, everyone knows who you are talking about.

Alisabeth grew up in Marion, Iowa, winning her first talent contest at age nine. Ten years later, she stood in front of Randy Jackson, Nicky Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban on “American Idol,” as they punched her golden ticket to Hollywood. Alisabeth owns her own photography studio here in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village. In addition to her studio, she also has a career on stage here in the corridor starring in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “The Wedding Singer,” “The Follies,” as well as headlining a sold-out “Cabaret in The Courtyard” series at Brucemore. Her latest CD is called “Foolish Heart.”

Visit Alisabeth online at, where you can find out where she is performing next, or book a session here in her unique studio.