Getting Creative: Katie Roche

Welcome to “Getting Creative.” A spotlight on people who are taking full of advantage of the employment, recreation, and artistic opportunities that make Iowa’s Creative Corridor one of the best places in the country to live.

Artistic people are attracted to artistic endeavors. So, it’s not unusual to walk into the staff meeting at an arts organization and discover that the employees also write, sing, play or otherwise make art on their own time.

Balancing a demanding day job and an artistic career is not for the faint of heart. Our guest today does it though, raising funds for Iowa City’s Englert Theatre during the day, and also finding time to sing and perform in groups like the Awful Purdies and the Dandelion Stompers.

Welcome Katie Roche

You can see Katie’s performance schedule with the Awful Purdies or the Dandelion Stompers at and Find out the up and coming Englert schedule at

Here in Iowa’s Creative Corridor we strive to live more than the average life. Visit to meet more fascinating people like Katie and share your own stories about getting creative.

A special thank you to the Englert Theatre for providing the venue to film our segment with Katie Roche.